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Juno Birch™ Fetal Gender Test

Discovering the gender of your baby has never been easier. With a simple prick of the finger, we’re able to examine fetal DNA and predict what you’re expecting.

Noninvasive Prenatal Screening

Juno Hazel™ Noninvasive Prenatal Screen

Questioning whether your baby is at risk for genetic conditions can be intimidating. In as early as 10 weeks into a pregnancy, we can provide you with answers from the comfort of your own home.


Carrier Screening

Juno Spruce™ Carrier Screening

Determining your risk of passing down a genetic condition to your child allows you to make informed decisions. Through our innovative testing process, we can provide you with the knowledge you need.


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Delivering Care Equity

Juno Pioneers

By pioneers who have been there

As clinicians, scientists, researchers, and (above all else) parents, we have seen and experienced disparities within the prenatal care system. At JunoDx™, we aim to deliver equitable access to prenatal care for all women.

Quality Prenatal Care

Quality prenatal care for all

Accessing prenatal care isn’t always easy. Our high-quality prenatal test kits are made for your busy lifestyle and designed to answer your most pressing questions.

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Make confident health decisions

You deserve peace of mind. With results backed by science-based research, clinical experts, and the support of your doctor- feel confident learning about your baby in the comfort of your own home, on your own terms.

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What Is a Doula And What Does a Doula Do?

What Is a Doula And What Does a Doula Do?

What Is a Doula?  At JunoDx™, we’re democratizing reproductive genetic testing. It’s our mission to leverage our clinical expertise and science-backed research to expand access to prenatal genetic care. Because everyone deserves answers...

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Katie Sagaser

Katie Sagaser

Director of Genetic Counseling

Katie is a licensed and ABGC board-certified genetic counselor that specializes in genetic testing and is devoted to advocating for equitable access to reproductive health services for all women.

Negar Yaryan

Negar Yaryan

Research Associate

Negar earned her Masters of Science in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Texas A&M University and is passionate about improving prenatal care for all women.

Nicole Razon

Nicole Razon

Clinical Services Specialist

Nicole is a certified medical assistant with more than 7 years of healthcare experience and is dedicated to helping all women feel better understood throughout their pregnancy journeys.

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From your most vulnerable moments to the questions you never thought you’d ask, we’re here for you!

Accessible and Affordable Prenatal Information

Accessible and affordable prenatal tests

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Empowering your decisions

Improving your prenatal experience

Improving your prenatal experience

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