Reproductive Health Reimagined

Together we are democratizing access to vital health information early in a pregnancy

JunoDx Technology

We believe that prenatal genetic testing should be accessible to and affordable for all women, in all geographies.

At JunoDx, we are developing the next generation cell-free DNA-based noninvasive prenatal test (NIPT) solutions.  Our innovation simplifies sample collection and improves access to high quality test results without high cost, long lead times, and phlebotomy requirements of traditional NIPT.

Pregnancy Journey

Whether it is eliminating inconvenient trips to a phlebotomist for a venous blood draw or delivering critical information much earlier in a pregnancy, we are reimagining the pregnancy journey and removing friction from the genetic testing experience.  

Our advanced NIPT empowers women and their physicians with vital health information.

Our Team

The JunoDx team includes leading scientists, medical doctors, and engineers. Collectively, we have authored 100+ scientific articles published in peer-reviewed journals and are inventors on 90+ patents and patent applications.

Prior to JunoDx, our founding team worked together at Sequenom, Inc., pioneering the development and commercialization of the first cell-free DNA-based NIPT in the United States. 

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