Empowering pregnant women with affordable and accurate prenatal screenings

Happy International Women's Day! Today, we're celebrating the incredible achievements of amazing women throughout history and the present day. Here at Juno Diagnostics, we're proud to have a team of talented and incredible women who are dedicated to providing affordable and accurate prenatal information to all, regardless of her financial background, ethnicity, or social status. We believe all women deserve to be empowered with the same opportunities and resources to learn about their pregnancy and make informed decisions about her health.

Women at the forefront of prenatal screening technology

Our team of women scientists and researchers are the driving forces behind the cutting-edge prenatal screening technologies we offer at Juno. They're at the forefront of developing new testing methods and improving existing ones to ensure that pregnant women receive the highest quality care. Women like Allison Wu, Ph.D., our Lead Data Scientist at Juno, is passionate about advancing the field of prenatal screening and making a positive impact on the lives of women and their families through vital information. She explains that the lack of awareness about women's healthcare topics, such as prenatal care, miscarriages, and IVF, is one of the most challenging issues facing women when faced with the journey of pregnancy. Noting that, “All of these challenges are very real and a lot more common than most people probably know. When there's no awareness, there's no urgency in making healthcare accessible and affordable.

The women behind Juno's noninvasive prenatal screening tests

Making affordable and accessible prenatal screenings a reality for all women

We believe that every woman should have access to high-quality prenatal screenings. It's not just about providing a test or even a service but making sure that every woman feels empowered and supported throughout their pregnancy journey. We’re looking to change how families, providers, and the world see and approach the topics of pregnancy, motherhood, and prenatal care. Juno’s Director of Strategic Accounts, Gina Grayum, probably best explains that "It is important for healthcare leaders and policymakers to prioritize efforts to increase access to affordable and quality healthcare services, particularly for vulnerable populations like women.” Our work doesn’t stop at Birch or Hazel, it doesn’t stop with just a test or screening. At Juno, we’re looking to shake up the landscape of maternal and paternal care and create enough noise to draw attention and focus to subjects often overlooked or passed over.

Women for women at Juno Diagnostics

Who better to discuss and make these much-needed changes in women’s healthcare than women? Much of our team share similar perspectives and life experiences as those we aim to support. We understand many of the daily, monthly, and lifetime hurdles that can often come with womanhood and pregnancy. And we look to both overcome those barriers and celebrate those accomplishments it’s important- it’s vital- that the voices of women are heard.

We understand the schedules and busy lives women juggle because we do it too. We created an at-home test so women can access prenatal information from home without having to make it to a doctor's appointment between work, family, and personal obligations. Katie Sagaser, our Director of Genetic Counseling, explained early on, "It’s critical to find prenatal healthcare solutions that meet the needs of our busy schedules.”

We intimately understand how difficult and rewarding the pregnancy, labor, and postpartum experience is because so many of us are moms or have been pregnant. Balance work, life, and kids is no easy feat- but so many of the Juno team do it with the utmost grace. Women like Ling Batoon, a Juno R&D Associate, remind us of the importance of the work we do. Ling is incredible at what she does, while also offering Juno a unique perspective of parenthood. As someone who has personally faced struggles after her own pregnancy, Ling highlights so many of the areas that still need improvement within the maternal and prenatal space, explaining, “Communication and awareness about mental health during pregnancy should be discussed during visits. A lot of pregnant women don't ask for help because we don't know that there is that kind of help, to begin with.

Empowering women in healthcare and beyond

This International Women's Day, we celebrate the contributions of women at Juno Diagnostics and throughout the healthcare industry. We're so proud to be a company that values diversity, inclusion, and women's leadership. Moving forward, we're remaining committed to continuing to empower women in healthcare and making a positive impact on the lives of pregnant women and their families. Together, we can create a world where every woman has access to affordable and accurate prenatal screenings!

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March 08, 2023 — Juno Diagnostics