Instructions and Tips


Accessible gender-testing right at your finger tips

Order Your Test

Order your test

Order your test and find out your baby’s gender from the comfort of your own home.

Collect your sample

Collect your sample

Collect your sample: It’s a simple finger prick test, then pop your sample in the mail.

Ship your sample

Ship your sample

Order your test and find out your baby’s gender from the comfort of your own home.

Our Sample Collection Process

Before you begin…

If you need assistance, make sure you find a female helper as male DNA can contaminate your sample.


You got this!

Here are a few helpful tips before you begin:

Tip 1:

Start hydrating (a LOT!) at least 24 hours before you expect to draw your blood. Blood is 92% water, so aim for 4-5 big glasses, including 1 right before your do your finger prick. Warm or room temperature water is also better than ice cold water.

Tip 2:

Warm your hands and forearms for better blood flow! You can wash your hands and run your forearms under warm water for at least 4-5 minutes before you take the sample.

Tip 3:

Make sure to place your hand on a firm surface when using the lancet, like a countertop or kitchen counter, to ensure that you get the proper depth when activating the safety lancet.

Tip 4:

Massaging helps to stimulate blood flow. Massage from your forearm down to your fingertip.

Tip 5:

Blood flows more freely downhill, so if you can, stand up and try to hang your hand below your arm so your blood flows downwards with gravity. There isn’t a set position, just make sure you’re comfortable and blood is flowing downwards.

Tip 6:

The best site for a finger puncture is just off the center of the finger pad. The tip of the finger should be avoided. Also make sure you’re using either your middle or ring finger.

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