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Kelsey’s Story

Kelsey Speelman

Kelsey Speelman

After 2 years of trying to start our family, my husband and I knew that sharing our pregnancy early on was the next step in our journey. We had already built such a strong support system and been through a lot of tough struggles together so that even if it didn’t turn out perfectly, we wanted to be transparent about that too.


“I never expected infertility to be a part of my pregnancy journey but when it was, I didn’t hesitate to fully share my story with the world…”

Kelsey’s Pregnancy Journey

Growing up, Kelsey always dreamed of becoming a mom and she couldn’t wait for her dreams to come true. On her first date with her husband Daniel, they spoke about marriage and having babies. When she and her husband Daniel began trying, they didn’t realize they would embark on a long infertility journey. After two years of trying, treatments, and endless doctor appointments, Kelsey woke up one February morning to a surprise she had dreamt of forever – a positive pregnancy test!

Pregnancy Test Positive

Kelsey x JunoDx

When JunoDx discovered Kelsey was pregnant, the company reached out to Kelsey to be a part of her support team. JunoDx let Kelsey know about their Juno Birch Early Gender Test™.

Excited she could learn the genetic sex of her baby in as early as 7 weeks, Kelsey agreed to partner with JunoDx.


The Big News

At eight weeks pregnant, Kelsey completed the Juno Birch™ Fetal Gender Test from the comfort of her home and shipped her sample back to the JunoDx lab for processing. Within just a few days, her results were ready. Anticipating the big news, Kelsey reached out to her best friend to arrange the gender reveal for her and her husband. On April 18th, in a very private setting Kelsey and Daniel shot blue smoke and confetti into the air. They are having a boy!

Kelsey and Daniel are incredibly excited to welcome their baby boy in early November 2022. In the meantime, they are spending their time preparing their nursery, buying baby items, and determining the perfect name of their first baby.

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