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Genetic Counseling Corner

Breathe a bit easier with the personalized support of Juno genetic counselors

What is genetic counseling?

Genetic counseling offers insight into genetic disease risks and the meaning of genetic testing results. At Juno, our licensed and ABGC board-certified genetic counselors empower patients with a clearer understanding of their genetic information – so you can make informed decisions in your reproductive journey.

Our genetic counseling services

Video resources

Address your most pressing concerns with our expert-curated video library.

Telehealth consultations

Speak with a licensed genetic counselor in real time - we’re here for you!

Provider support

Breathe easy – we’re here to answer questions from your OB/GYN or provider, too!

Meet our team

Katie Sagaser, MS, LCGC

My role at JunoDx:
Genetic Counseling

My genetic counseling "why":
So many things about reproduction can feel overwhelming. It’s important that my patients have someone to turn to – whether for trusted information, emotional support, or a safe space to ask big questions. As a genetic counselor in reproductive health, I’m honored to offer these resources, so folks don’t have to feel alone during such a vulnerable time.

As described by JunoDx coworkers:
Compassionate, well-spoken, hardworking, empathetic, humble, intelligent, kind, considerate, understanding 

Kelly Miller, MS, LCGC

My role at JunoDx:
Genetic Counseling

My genetic counseling "why":
Every person’s reproductive journey is unique, and my top priority is meeting patients exactly where they are to provide them with care tailored to their individual needs. I want every patient to feel heard, empowered, and supported - no matter what they’re facing. To me, genetic counseling is about being there as a guide and resource for families navigating the path from preconception to pregnancy and beyond.

As described by JunoDx coworkers:
Thoughtful, friendly, considerate, nurturing, kind, approachable, soft-spoken, sweet, knowledgeable