Birch Fetal Gender Test

Juno Birch™ Fetal Gender Test

Learning the gender of your baby has never been easier!

With a simple prick of the finger, we’re able to examine fetal DNA and predict what you’re expecting much earlier than your typical 20-week anatomy scan.

Clinical results at a fraction of the cost

Simple and easy collection process

Access to the Juno Community

Concierge customer service

Fast results made easy to understand


Giving you the results you might be looking for without breaking a sweat or breaking your bank.


Keep those fuzzy slippers on! Our test kit allows you to easily learn your baby’s gender without having to leave your doorstep.


Our Juno Assisted Collection Method allows you to work 1:1 with a member of our mighty Customer Care Team, who’s always here to answer all your questions – big or small.

Community Driven

When you purchase our at-home kit you’re not just getting a product, but also access to a one-of-a-kind Juno Community.

Juno Birch Test Packaging

“If you maintain an attitude of genuine curiosity, ask open-ended questions, and daily work to meet folks exactly where they are, you’ll learn more about both others and yourself in the process.”

Katie Segaser
Director of Genetic Counseling

Katie Sagaser Juno Genetics Counselor

FDA registered

Our innovative sample collection process, made with you in mind, is FDA registered and recognized.

CLIA-certified lab

Your samples are all tested and screened in our sparkly, new CLIA certified lab.

Clinical Advisory Board

The JunoDx mission is supported by our amazing Clinical Advisory Board of powerhouse specialists within the fields of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Which testing process is right for me?

Believe it or not, not all fetal gender tests are created equal. With our Juno Birch™ Test, we wanted to focus on 3 things: affordability, convenience, and community- check out how we’re doing!


Traditional lab Other at-home


Processed in CLIA-certified lab


Processed in CLIA-certified lab


Samples may not be processed in CLIA-certified lab




Care concierge


Our Customer Care Team walks you through our collection process





Invite to the JunoDx community to get answers to all your questions



Planning tools/resources

All day



You’re in good hands.

We offer science and results you can trust.


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Juno Birch™ Fetal Gender Test

Discovering the gender of your baby has never been easier. With a simple prick of the finger, we’re able to examine fetal DNA and predict what you’re expecting.

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