What are the nursery essentials?

Picking out nursery furniture and decor is an exciting milestone in any pregnancy. You get to set the whole vibe for your little one’s first bedroom, and you want to make sure you have everything you need to take care of them. The nursery is where you’ll create so many of your beautiful first memories with your new baby. Make sure it’s ready before your delivery date with these nursery must-haves.

An African American couple settling in the nursery with their baby

Must-haves for your baby nursery: A checklist

These are the top must-haves any expecting parent should get for their nursery:

Crib, mattress, and bedding

Putting a crib in the nursery is crucial milestone for expecting parents. It’s the centerpiece of the whole room! Choose a crib that matches your nursery aesthetic and meets all safety standards. You’ll also need a mattress that fits snugly into the crib and bedding sheets, so you always have clean bedding for your baby.

Changing table dresser

You’ll need somewhere sturdy and safe to change your baby’s diapers. Why not save some space (and money) and let your furniture do double duty? A changing table dresser gives you plenty of storage space for your baby’s tiny clothes, and you can take off the changing table attachment when your little one stops wearing diapers. Oh, and you’ll probably want to put a laundry basket and diaper organizer somewhere in this area too!

Diaper pail or trash can

Unless you plan on walking out to the trash can every time you change your baby’s diaper (hint: you won’t), you’ll need a diaper pail that can keep dirty diapers out of sight — and smell! — until you’re ready to take them outside.

Rocking chair or glider

Rocking chairs or gliders are the perfect comfy spot to curl up and spend quality bonding time with your little one. Whether you’re calming a fussy baby before naptime or cuddling together for a late-night feeding, you’ll be thankful there’s a comfortable spot in the nursery to hang out.

Baby monitor

Watching your newborn sleep probably sounds way better than folding the clean laundry that’s been piling up, but it’s not always practical to stay by your baby’s side 24/7. A baby monitor will let you watch or hear everything that’s going on in the nursery while you’re in another room.

Blackout curtains

The less standing between your baby and restful sleep, the better! Blackout curtains block out sunlight that could distract your little one and keep them from falling or staying asleep. Pro tip: Read product reviews before buying to make sure your nursery curtains are actual blackout curtains and not just kind-of-dim-the-light curtains. 

Parents-to-be choose the nursery theme and toy box to prepare for their baby's arrival

Toy box

While your baby may not have a lot of toys to their name right now, you’ll be surprised at how quickly their collection grows. Because who doesn’t love spoiling an adorable mini-human? If you put a toy box in your nursery now, you won’t be stuck scrambling later to find storage for every new toy your well-meaning family and friends bring over. 

Setting up the nursery is one of the most meaningful ways to prepare a space in the world for your new baby. And, let’s face it, baby stuff is just so cute! If you’re waiting to learn your baby’s sex before making any nursery decor decisions, you may be able to get started sooner than you think. Check out our at-home Juno Birch™ Fetal Gender Test to learn how you can find out your baby’s sex as early as 7 weeks into your pregnancy.

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December 09, 2022 — Stephanie McClintock