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Meet Kelsey

From infertility to pregnancy

Growing up, Kelsey always dreamed of becoming a mom and she couldn’t wait for her dreams to come true. On her first date with her husband Daniel, they spoke about marriage and having babies. When she and her husband Daniel began trying, they didn’t realize they would embark on a long infertility journey. After two years of trying, treatments, and
endless doctor appointments, Kelsey woke up one February morning to a surprise she had dreamt of forever – a positive pregnancy test!

At eight weeks pregnant, Kelsey completed the Juno Birch™ Fetal Gender Test from the comfort of her home and shipped her sample back to the Juno lab for processing. Within just a few days, her results were ready. Anticipating the big news, Kelsey reached out to her best friend to arrange the gender reveal for her and her husband. On April 18th, in a very private setting Kelsey and Daniel shot blue smoke and confetti into the air. They are having a boy!

Meet Carey

Living with PCOS and infertility

After some thought, they decided to pursue an open adoption. And in 2017 they welcomed a 6-week-old Milo to the family. Soon after Milo’s adoption, Carey discovered embryo adoption, or embryo donation. This option would allow her to continue to expand her family of 3 while having the opportunity to physically carry a child.

Through a private match, Carey was able to have an amazing pregnancy experience.

Meet Bev

Juggling pregnancy and mental health

Bev and her husband, Cory, met on a dating website in 2011. In 2014, they were happily married and heavily focused on their careers in the music industry while living in Los Angeles. Her husband worked for Guitar Center, and Bev was working for Capital Records as a Tour and Marketing Manager and was constantly on the road, so kids weren’t a thought in her mind.

Why might you ask? Bev wanted to ensure that if she had a baby, she and her husband would be the sole caretakers of their child and not have to rely on a nanny or other family members to help.

Meet Olivia

Pregnancy, miscarriage, and a pandemic

Olivia and (her now husband) Garrett first met as bright-eyed high schoolers. Working together as Target cashiers in 2004 the two were inseparable. And spoiler alert, this isn’t a story of a summer romance and later reconciliation. Olivia and Garrett had found each other, and the rest was history.

Despite attending different universities, the two continued their relationship and their love for each other, though seemingly impossible, only grew. They imagined and discussed their dreams, sketching out what could be their future together. On a beautiful day in 2011, shortly after Garrett completed his master’s program, he and Olivia walked down an aisle filled with family and friends and wed.

Meet Megan

Confronting miscarriage, pandemic, and trauma

As a little girl, Megan dreamed of becoming a mom. She wanted the American dream – the white picket fence, a family, and dogs. That dream began to become a reality when Megan met her incredible husband, Cody. 

The two began dating right before their high school graduation. Cody was set to go to Northern Arizona University (NAU) and Megan was to attend Grand Canyon University (GCU). Ever the realist, Megan knew the chances of their long-distance relationship working out were slim. But despite what her head might’ve been telling her, her heart was shouting out a different story. She knew Cody was special, she knew he was the one for her. And with that conviction and a whole lot of trust, their relationship stood the test of college.