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Meet the women joining the Juno mission of providing equitable access to prenatal care. From the convenience of collecting a sample at home to receiving high-quality results on your terms, our patients have a lot to say about the care they've received.

So don't just take our word for it! You can learn more about the positive experiences patients have when choosing Juno.

Testimonial | A Family Experience

Meet Ashley

"When I heard about Juno, I jumped on the opportunity because I knew we could get the results, send them to my best friend to order the poppers for the reveal, and collectively as a family - we could experience finding out the gender together. Instead of Jake and I, in a stuffy room in a hospital, finding out through ultrasound. This was a less invasive, natural way to find out what our fifth kid is going to be.

We are a family that celebrates milestones, and we definitely love to do things together as a family, so it was important we all find out the gender together. I'm not a needle person, so I was nervous about collecting the sample. It was so easy and not painful"

Testimonial | Taking Control

Meet Ellie

"Anything I can do from home is well worth, because it is so hard to leave, find the time. I like that I didn’t have to go to the doctor to do it, and I also liked that I didn’t have to get all the genetic testing with it.

As a woman, you can take your pregnancy into your own hands a little bit more with Juno, and it’s something I really appreciate."

Testimonial | Bonding Experience

Meet Ethiopia

"The time convenience of how much time I got to save, and how personal it was... it just meant so much! To be able to do it at home, with my son and him getting him to see me do the finger poke, he was so invested and so interested. This was a game changer!"

Testimonial | Flexibility for a busy mom

Meet Erin

"Since we did Juno, we were more prepared in terms of when we would get information, how we would get it, and we would be able to get it together.

With my previous daughter, we didn’t know if my husband was going to be able to come to the appointment and it was nice to control that a little bit more."

Verified reviews

"At-home test kit made the testing process easy; definitely appreciated the Zoom call to make sure I collected the blood sample correctly. 100% recommend!"
"It’s not often you come across such a great company. Every single detail was done with respect and care and the whole experience was one of underpromising and overdelivering."
"I chose Juno because it was really fast, I could do it at-home, and I like the flexibility that it gave me and the ability to include my husband in the results."
"I chose to go with Juno because of how they offer a zoom call to make sure your sample is done correctly in order to get accurate results. A big competitor seemed to have a high rate of inconclusive results so I felt so much more confident with Juno. It exceeded my expectations! The zoom call was so easy and helpful and I got my results in under 48 hours of them receiving it! So happy with them. Flawless service from start to finish."
"The total experience was so exciting! I had my results in less than 24 hours after Juno received my blood sample. I got my results on Christmas Eve! And.... it's a girl! Thank you Juno for such a great experience!!!"
This process was a breeze! Everyone I spoke with was so friendly and helpful and put my mind at ease. I was too anxious to wait until 20 weeks to find out the gender of my baby so opted to do this test at 10 weeks to find out we’re having a GIRL! Now I can plan for baby girl’s arrival and all that’s to come.  Thanks Juno for a seamless at home experience! We are so happy
Customer reviews
Customer reviews
The reason we chose Juno - there’s so many now - anytime we can skip going to the doctor, we are up for it. We don’t want to be susceptible to all the things going on out there. The other one is, we have two little boys and they don’t stop for anything. Motherhood doesn’t stop, and anything extra is just too much for my plate. It’s a convenience factor for us, it’s simple and quick and helps me plan for my girl.
— Anna M.
Anna is practicing self-care during her pregnancy and taking advantage of the Juno At-Home gender test to relax.
Customer reviews
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— Author's name
Customer reviews
"I had a wonderful experience with my Juno Birch test. The test itself was incredibly easy to take and there was a lot of support available if I had questions or needed help. The results came back so fast, I was shocked, and we are so excited to welcome our baby boy this Christmas!"
— Carey S.
Pregnant woman ready to have her baby any day now, posing in front of the Christmas tree.

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