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Kit Activation

How to activate your kit

Have your kit handy? Let’s get you and your sample collection kit ready to go!

STEP 1: Prepare

Locate kit code

On the right side of your Juno box, you will find an 11 to 12-character ID and kit QR code! This identifier is unique to you and your sample.


Activation form

Click below to access the myJuno Activation Form. Please prepare to provide the required information outlined in STEP 3.

Step 3: Input

Enter information

If using a mobile device, tap on the QR symbol to scan your kit QR code. Alternatively, you can manually enter the 11 to 12-character ID into the Kit Code field.

Once you provide all the required information, click Activate, and you can begin to collect your sample with the assistance of our Customer Care team!

You got this and we’ve got you.

If you have additional questions, please visit our FAQ page. Should you need immediate assistance, give us a call at (858) 201-7154.