Meet Megan Lloyd

My happy ending through a journey of trial

Start to a New Beginning

As a little girl, Megan dreamed of becoming a mom. She wanted the American dream – the white picket fence, a family, and dogs. That dream began to become a reality when Megan met her incredible husband, Cody. 

The two began dating right before their high school graduation. Cody was set to go to Northern Arizona University (NAU) and Megan was to attend Grand Canyon University (GCU). Ever the realist, Megan knew the chances of their long-distance relationship working out were slim. But despite what her head might’ve been telling her, her heart was shouting out a different story. She knew Cody was special, she knew he was the one for her. And with that conviction and a whole lot of trust, their relationship stood the test of college. 

After graduating and kick starting their careers as a nurse and physical therapist. Megan and Cody married in November 2019. While trying for kids wasn’t a huge priority, they firmly believed, “if it happens, it happens.” Little did they (or anyone else) know that five months later, the world would shut down due to Covid-19. 

Megan's daughter, Harley, born during the COVID pandemic

Pregnancy in a Pandemic

In March 2020, during the height of the pandemic Megan found out she was pregnant. At the time, she was working in the COVID unit (ICU) at a hospital in Arizona, nursing patients while trying to stay safe and healthy.

At 10 weeks into her first pregnancy, she did a gender blood test with her doctor and found out four weeks later that she was having a baby girl. Just a few short months later, Megan and Cody welcomed their daughter, Harley to the world.

Megan is excited about her pregnancy test being positive, and is looking forward to take the Juno Gender Test
Megan's daughter, Harley, holding her mom's ultrasound after taking the Juno Gender Test.

Confronting miscarriage and trauma

A year after the birth of their little girl Megan and Cody decided they’d be open to trying again for a second baby.

In February 2022, Megan discovered she was pregnant, and her doctors confirmed she and her baby were healthy. A month later, Megan was at a friend’s house when she noticed some light bleeding. The following day, around six weeks pregnant, she experienced full labor symptoms and unfortunately passed the baby. 

While still heartbroken and confused how and why this miscarriage happened Megan found out she could possibly be pregnant again in April 2022. The doctors monitored her blood levels for a weeks after this. With the recent struggles, Megan felt like she was in limbo. The pregnancy wasn’t fully confirmed by her doctors yet, as they weren’t sure if it was related to her previous miscarriage or if it was a new pregnancy. At five weeks, she had an ultrasound and her doctor broke the news that there was a 50% chance she could miscarry.

Unfortunately, on Mother’s Day weekend, while out camping with Cody and Harley, Megan experienced extreme back pain and nausea and she knew she might be miscarrying. At seven weeks, she did. 


Peace of mind with Juno

After experiencing their second miscarriage, Megan and Cody both struggled. Megan physically recovered while grappling with loss and hopelessness. Cody was left feeling helpless, uncertain of how to take away Megan’s physical and emotional pain and caught within his own grief. After a summer of contemplation and recharge, Megan decided to try again. With her doctors’ stamp of approval and a solid conviction, Megan and Cody looked to expand their family once again. 

In September 2022, she found out she was pregnant! Given the nature of her pregnancy experience Megan opted to learn about her baby from the comfort of home. Connecting with Juno Diagnostics, Megan received her Birch™ Fetal Gender Test, collected her sample, and found out that she will be expecting another baby girl this spring. 

Residing in Arizona, Cody and Megan are looking forward to welcoming their second daughter in May 2023, while Harley’s extremely excited to be a big sister.

Megan and Cody are excited to learn that they are expecting a second baby girl.


“When I learned JunoDx’s mission of finding out the gender of your baby on your own time and own terms, I felt super at ease and excited to work with them. After the year we had, I was finally able to complete something on my own terms, when I felt ready.”  -Megan

“Being able to work with Juno Diagnostics has brought peace of mind to our family. They’ve given us the reassurance we need during this pregnancy to feel excited again. Although, I’m shocked it’s another girl, I love our daughter Harley so much, so it’s easier for me to get excited about another baby girl. Knowing the gender of our new baby helps us better bond with her.” -Cody