Meet Carey Shofner


Facing infertility, Carey and Brett decided to adopt to start their family
A happy family through PCOS and infertility
From infertility to Adoption

Start of the journey

After some thought, they decided to pursue an open adoption. And in 2017 they welcomed a 6-week-old Milo to the family. Soon after Milo’s adoption, Carey discovered embryo adoption, or embryo donation. This option would allow her to continue to expand her family of 3 while having the opportunity to physically carry a child.

Through a private match, Carey was able to have an amazing pregnancy experience.

A positive pregnancy test

The Big News

She was induced at 38 weeks and delivered a baby boy- River. Born right before the pandemic in 2020 – two days before South Carolina shut down. It was an interesting post-partum experience to say the least, but it allowed her family time to bond.

Fast forward to 2022 and Carey and Brett were sure they wanted to have a third baby. Carey set up an IVF appointment but before that appointment came, she discovered (after multiple pregnancy tests and moments of disbelief) that she was in fact six weeks pregnant…on Mother’s Day! She had never gotten pregnant naturally, so this news was shocking and probably the best Mother’s Day gift she could ever receive.

“Having this information actually made me feel so much more connected to our growing baby, like everything was so much more real.”

Learning the Baby's sex

Carey x Juno

When Carey learned about Juno Diagnostics, Carey took the Juno Birch™ Fetal Gender Test and shipped it back to the JunoDx lab for processing. On Friday, June 17th, she and her family found out they are expecting another baby boy this December 2022. While they excitedly and anxiously await the arrival of the baby, the Shofner family continues to prep for the baby with some home renovations.

Excited she could learn the genetic sex of her baby in as early as 7 weeks, Carey agreed to partner with JunoDx.