Meet Bev Dransfeldt


Building a family

Bev's story

Bev and her husband, Cory, met on a dating website in 2011. In 2014, they were happily married and heavily focused on their careers in the music industry while living in Los Angeles. Her husband worked for Guitar Center, and Bev was working for Capital Records as a Tour and Marketing Manager and was constantly on the road, so kids weren’t a thought in her mind.

Why might you ask? Bev wanted to ensure that if she had a baby, she and her husband would be the sole caretakers of their child and not have to rely on a nanny or other family members to help.

"I love the Juno team. From Day 1 they were easy to contact and supportive - just what every mama-to-be needs. We couldn’t wait to find out if we were having a Teddy or a Rose. With Juno, we were able to find out early and accurately, which in other tests performed was not the case."

Cory Dransfeldt and his baby girl
Juggling pregnancy and mental health

The journey

Fast forward a couple of years, Bev left Capitol Records due to family issues and mental health struggles. She fell into depression and was soon diagnosed with anxiety, depression, OCD, and bipolar disorder. With the proper doctors and medication, she was able to get back on the right track and steer her life in a more positive direction.

Bev and Corey gender reveal, it's a boy!
Bev's first trimester ultrasound
Adding a baby to the family

The big news

In 2017, she and Cory moved to Camarillo so he could be closer to his job. At this point, Bev felt like she was in a different life chapter and began thinking of finally having a baby. Since she was in a better state of mind mentally and emotionally, they would finally begin trying for a baby. They got pregnant immediately, and their daughter PJ, short for Pazita Joy, was born that year. The name came from both of their mothers – Bev, having grown up in a Latina family, was influenced to name her daughter Pazita meaning “little peace” in Spanish, and Joy, Cory’s mother.

Bev x Juno

Announcing the results of the gender to her hispanic family

After having PJ, they thought that would be their only child, but in early 2022, Bev’s best friend had her second baby, and when she saw the look on Cory’s face holding that baby, she fell in love with the thought of another pregnancy journey and decided they were ready to welcome another baby into their life. Although they were unsure if they could conceive easily due to her husband taking medications that altered the process, before Mother’s Day 2022, Bev found out she was pregnant with baby number two.

Excited to follow baby naming traditions, Bev partnered with JunoDx to take the Juno Birch™ Fetal Gender Test, which allowed her to find out the gender of her baby at 9 weeks so they could begin preparing.

She and Cory look forward to welcoming their baby boy in January 2023. We can’t wait to find out their new baby’s name!