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Juno's self-collection box includes everything you need to perform the test in the comfort of your home


With a +99% accuracy rate, our 1:1 Sample Collection Zoom Call produces high-quality results that you can feel confident in.



Get results as early as 7-weeks into your pregnancy! That's 3 months earlier than a traditional ultrasound.



Keep those fuzzy slippers on! Our test kit allows you to learn your baby’s gender without having to leave your doorstep.

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The blood collection box contains everything you need to perform your at-home gender test

Step 1

Order your test: Place your order, and we'll quickly get a test kit to your doorstep. While you wait, you can schedule your Sample Collection Zoom Call with our experts!

The Juno technology allows you to take the gender test in the comfort of your home, with a simple finger prick and just a few drops of blood.

Step 2

Collect your sample: During your Sample Collection Zoom Call, our Customer Care Team will walk through a painless finger prick and simple sample collection process.

The results of your gender test will be available in your myJuno account, within just a few days after our lab receives your blood sample.

Step 3

Get your results: Once your kit returns to our CLIA-certified laboratory, we will process your sample and deliver results within 2 business days.

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What is the Birch™ Fetal Gender Test?

The Birch™ Fetal Gender Test is a blood-based genetic test for pregnant moms that helps parents determine their child’s gender as early as 7 weeks. The test evaluates the circulating cell-free DNA of placental origin, looking for male chromosomes in the fetal DNA found in the mom’s blood. Results will be available within two days of our lab receiving the sample.

How does the Birch™ Fetal Gender Test work?

With just a few drops of blood, we can examine fetal DNA and determine whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl. Our testing kits include everything you need to collect your sample in just a few minutes.

How accurate are the results of the Birch™ Fetal Gender Test?

The Juno Birch™ Fetal Gender Test has a +99% accuracy rate when patients follow our easy, video call-assisted, collection process.

The performance is based on over 250 capillary collections to date, spanning three IRB-approved studies. The
combination of the first two of these studies has been submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. The third study is ongoing.
Updates with publication information will be posted when available.

Do I really have to do the Zoom-assisted collection?

Yes (if you want accurate results). The Juno Birch™ Fetal Gender Test has a +99% accuracy rate when patients follow our easy, video call-assisted, collection process.

How early can I take the Birch™ Fetal Gender Test?

You can take the Birch™ Fetal Gender Test as early as seven weeks into your pregnancy, counting from the first day of your last menstrual period.

When will I receive my results?

Once your sample is returned to our CLIA certified laboratory, we will process your sample. Results are then delivered to your myJuno portal in 2 business days.

Do you have a guarantee? What happens if I receive an inaccurate result?

While the Birch™ Fetal Gender Test results are over 99% accurate, if the gender of your newborn doesn’t match your test result, you’ll receive a full refund.

To start the refund process, send a scan or photograph of your baby’s birth certificate or your NIPS result via the submission form on our Support page. Our Customer Care team will verify your documents within one business day and process the refund. Depending on your bank/card issuer, the refund can take up to 5 days to reflect on your account.

Is the Birch™ Fetal Gender Test safe?

The Birch™ Fetal Gender Test uses a blood sample to identify the sex of the fetus. Since it’s non-invasive, it’s safe for both mom and baby.

Who is the team behind Juno?

The Juno Diagnostics team includes leading scientists, medical doctors, and engineers. Prior to Juno, our founding team worked together at Sequenom, Inc., pioneering the development and commercialization of the first cell-free DNA-based NIPS in the United States. The team has collectively performed over 500,000 non-invasive prenatal tests.

How do I learn more about the science behind the test?

As the pioneers behind the first non-invasive prenatal test in the United States, our founding team has written extensively about circulating cell-free DNA and its application in prenatal care. Here are the links to just a few of these articles.

An exploration of methods to enable equitable access to non-invasive prenatal screening

Optimizing blood collection, transport and storage conditions for cell free DNA increases access to prenatal testing

Noninvasive prenatal detection of sex chromosomal aneuploidies by sequencing circulating cell-free DNA from maternal plasma