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Sample Collection

Answers to your sample collection questions

Blood flow

Why’s my blood not flowing correctly?

Not to worry! Blood flow’s not an exact science and everyone bleeds at different rates. Just remember, nothing’s wrong and we’re here to help!

Here’s some tips and tricks to get that blood pumping before you begin:

-   Rub your hands together quickly

-   Wash your hands under warm water

-   Give yourself a little hand massage

-   Stand up and let gravity do its thing

If you’ve pricked your finger and noticed your blood is watery, streaming down your finger, or doesn’t form a drop of blood, tune in as Annie our Customer Care team member walks you through some quick solutions.

Pipette filling

I’m bleeding but the pipette isn’t filling up. What’s happening?

If you’ve noticed that your pipette isn’t filling with blood or has stopped filling up there’s generally one culprit – blood clotting.

Blood clotting in this case can be a result of a pause when filling your pipette, accidentally touching your finger directly to the pipette, a bit of dehydration, or your blood simply clots easily.

Not to worry! Annie from our Customer Care team is here to walk you through how best to fill up your pipette to the white filter in the case of blood clotting.

Device closure

My device isn’t closing or I’m not sure that it’s closed properly. What should I do?

You’re almost over the finish line!

To ensure your sample is safe and secure on its way to our lab, Annie from our Customer Care team is here to guide you through closing your device and making sure it stays that way.

You got this and we’ve got you.

If you have additional questions, please visit our FAQ page. Should you need immediate assistance, give us a call at (858) 201-7154.