7 cute ideas for holiday-themed pregnancy announcements

The holidays are the perfect time for a pregnancy announcement. It’s probably not often that you get your entire family in the same room at the same time, so this is the perfect moment to get everyone’s reactions to the big news! Now, with the announcement, you can go as big or as subtle as you want, and we’re here to help. 

Here are 7 ultra-fun, ultra-festive ideas for holiday-themed pregnancy announcements.

There’s no feeling like sharing your pregnancy with loved ones during the holidays.

Christmas or Hanukkah t-shirt pregnancy announcement

This idea is easy and affordable — two things that every expecting parent can appreciate. Just search online for Christmas or Hanukkah pregnancy announcement t-shirts. Then, watch people’s faces light up as you make your rounds at the holiday party!

Surprise! Pregnancy announcement present

There’s no feeling like watching someone rip open a present that’s about to rock their world. Holiday onesies, “World’s Best Grandma/Grandpa/Aunt/Uncle” mugs, and framed copies of your first sonogram all make great surprise presents!

Pregnancy Announcement Holiday Card

Holiday cards have always been one of the easiest ways to update all your loved ones about what’s going on in your family. To share the good news this way, use a fun pregnancy photo of you (and your partner, if you have one):

  • Holding the sonogram (bonus points if you give the baby a Santa hat)
  • Drinking out of “Mom” and “Dad” mugs (or whichever gender identities apply)
  • With a festive ribbon and bow around your bump
  • Holding a holiday onesie
  • With your partner kissing your bump

Social media flat lay

For this one, all you need is a chalkboard or letterboard and whatever holiday decorations you already own. Write a cute announcement on the board (something like “all we want for Christmas is you” or “sometimes the best gifts can’t be wrapped”). Lay the board flat, place some decor around it, and take a photo looking directly down at your setup.

Custom holiday ornament

Though they’re not here yet, this is technically your baby’s first Christmas. Why not celebrate with a custom “coming soon” ornament announcing their expected birth month and year? Then, post a photo of the ornament or surprise someone by asking them to hang it on your tree!

Baby bump silhouette photo

Get artsy with your pregnancy announcement by using festive holiday lighting to showcase your baby bump. To get this shot, turn the Christmas tree lights on (and all the other lights off). Then, stand in front of the tree, face the side, and have someone take your photo. Make sure they don’t use the flash — the shape of your bump should be the star of this pic!

Older siblings spilling the beans

If you already have little ones to celebrate the holidays with, you can let them be a part of your pregnancy announcement. Take a photo of them in front of their “Christmas list.” But wait, what’s that at the bottom of the list? A new sibling! Or, when you’re making your yearly mall-Santa visit, have them hold up the ultrasound so you have a picture of all your kiddos. Feel free to ask them for their input, too. They’ll probably have some great ideas of their own!

From Christmas to Hanukkah to simple-but-beautiful winter themes, there’s so much room for creativity with your pregnancy announcements this time of year.

Happiest holidays, parents-to-be! 

No matter what (or if) you celebrate, December is one of the funnest months to announce your pregnancy. From Christmas to Hanukkah to simple-but-beautiful winter themes, there’s so much room for creativity with your pregnancy announcements this time of year. So let your imagination run free!

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December 05, 2022 — Stephanie McClintock