Choosing the perfect gift for expecting parents  

When shopping for the new or expecting parents in your life, it’s about balancing utility with indulgence. Sure, they could probably use another box (or five!) of diapers, but that’s not exactly the most exciting thing to unwrap during the holidays. Instead, show your love and support with a thoughtful gift that’s easy to enjoy as they adjust to new parenthood. Keep reading for our list of fun-and-useful presents for expecting dads and moms.

Whether they’re excitedly preparing to welcome their newborn or they’ve already brought the little one home, new parents are bound to light up when they open thoughtful gifts.

Unique gift ideas for parents-to-be

Yes, tiny baby clothes are adorable and super fun to buy, but make sure you’re showing the expecting parents some love too! Whether they’re excitedly preparing to welcome their newborn or they’ve already brought the little one home, new parents are bound to light up when they open one of these gifts.

A coffee cup that actually stays hot

This is for the new parents who find themselves gulping down icy coffee after spending the morning caring for the baby—and losing and finding their coffee mug who-knows-how-many times. Smart mugs, mug warmers, and insulated tumblers are a super versatile gift idea, with options from high-tech smart mugs to glittery Starbucks tumblers and everything in between.

The ultimate self-care kit

No matter their gender, new parents can all benefit from taking a little time for self-care. Grab a cute basket and load it up with self-care favorites, such as eye masks, foot scrubs, lotion, belly butter, aromatherapy shower steamers, bath bombs, and lavender-scented candles. 

Handy-dandy stroller organizer

Stroller organizers are a must-have for parents of little ones, but they often get left off gift registries. It’s one of those things you don’t realize you need until you’ve spent way too much time digging through your stroller’s basket for your car keys.

Super comfy maternity and nursing robe

You can never have too many soft, silky robes, especially when you’re a new parent dealing with spit-up and other bodily functions. And there are some stylish maternity robes for you to choose from! (Bonus points if you throw in some comfy socks or slippers.) 

Portable photo printer or instant camera

Sure, a new parent’s smartphone will be filled with snapshots of their newborn, but there’s something so magically nostalgic about flipping through a stack of physical photos. With a portable photo printer or instant camera, you can give that experience to your loved ones (without the annoying process of ordering photo prints). 

Ever-helpful meal delivery gift cards

This one is self-explanatory. The less time spent cooking—and cleaning up after cooking—the more time they’ll get to spend bonding with the new baby or trying to catch up on sleep. 

Sometimes, a present is more than just a present. It’s a way to show your friends or family members how much you think about them as they go through this major life change. No matter what gift you buy, your support and encouragement can mean the world to the new and expecting parents in your life.

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December 05, 2022 — Stephanie McClintock